Shuvi’s info


Like other Ex-Machina, she is able to assess a situation and react accordingly at blazing speeds. An example is when playing chess with Riku, she was able to record any new moves, assess the situation, and proceed correspondingly when presented with the same position in the future.

Although she took on the appearance of a young Imanity girl, she is incredibly strong to the point of nonchalantly cutting apart a boulder, ripping out a few iron plates, and lift a large metal door ten times her height over her head (to Riku’s horror) and destroyed an Elven library. She is also incredibly fast as seen when she was able to travel with Riku on her back from the colony to the destroyed Elf city in half a day when traveling by horseback would have taken five days (without the use of magic, in which case it would have taken several minutes according to her).

Of the Ex Machina, she is one of the Prüfer, so she is particularly good at analysis. Despite this analysis of the heart took much time.

She does not require sleep nor any need to eat as she utilizes two live cables to connect to the Elemental Gallery for her power source.


The Ex-Machina is a hive mind unit, however, Schwi was exiled from the unit due to various systems and logic errors. Therefore, Schwi was unable to access any of the 27451 artificial weapons stored in the Ex-Machina’s’ linked arsenal until shortly before her death.

As she was a robot and not a human, she was not very good at reading other’s minds.


During The Great War, she and 3495 other Ex Machina were involved in a battle against Aranleif the Ultimate and his seven followers, resulting in Riku’s village being destroyed. Upon spotting Riku, she was puzzled by his reaction and decided that further analysis was required. However, her study generated an abundance of errors, which led to her disconnection from her cluster.

Meeting with Riku

As Riku was searching through the Elven ruins, he notices something in the corner of his eye. By the time he noticed danger, he is pinned down by an Ex-Machina. Realizing his doom upon violence, he surrendered himself. However, the female-like Ex-Machina surprised him with a kiss. After regaining himself, he questioned the Ex-Machina what is it up to, and the Ex-Machina answered that it wishes to learn more about the Heart. She chooses Chess as a way to converse with Riku as she saw him holding a chess piece back when she destroyed his village. The two then leave the place, presumably after Riku loses.


After evacuating everyone from the hideout. The remaining reformed under Riku and sworn upon the Six Pledges. They then each went out in their direction, moving behind the current of war. Schwi remained with Riku to plant 32 Einwiek so that they can manipulate an attack to gain the Star Relic.

After they planted the 23rd and Riku’s meeting with Shinku Nilvalen, Riku’s body succumbed to the damage. He is treated by Schwi, but still, loses his left arm and eyes, as well as his right arm being damaged. He then rested for a day and has Schwi hold his hand in his rest.


Despite Riku’s request, Schwi had gone out alone to execute their project. She successfully planted the 24th Umweg but was caught in a skirmish with Jibril, who sought to collect her head as a trophy, as the Ex-Machina have become one of the [Rare 5]. Jibril was unable to get her head in the end as she used Heavenly Smite on Schwi, and she was completely obliterated. However, she was able to provide the data that Einzieg requires to inform Riku and protect the ring she got from Riku using magic (Kein Eintrag). She finally understood the meaning of love in her last moments before death.